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Need a down payment for a new car? Want to start a
savings account for your grandchild? We offer several
secure, simple and accessible savings plans. We also
offer services like direct deposit, online banking and
automatic fund transfers that can make saving easier
and more convenient.

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Make Saving Easier

Regular Savings

Here's a savings option that you can use for your rainy day fund. Saving up for that laptop, favorite pair of shoes or beach vacation won't be so hard after all.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

For qualified individuals, HSAs allow you to save by setting aside interest-earning funds to be used at your discretion for health care expenses.

Rewards Savings

Rewards Savings is an interest-bearing deposit account designed to complement Rewards Checking, offering a higher rate of interest when eligibility requirements are met.

Personal Money Market

When you want to increase the earning power of your money but don't want to tie it up in non-accessible accounts. 

Children's Savings

Allow your child 18 years or younger to learn what a savings plan is all about.

High-Yield Money Market

A standardcitymobile High-Yield Money Market Account gives you the best of both worlds. It offers competitive interest rates, and you always have access to your funds.

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